Josh Trotter is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He composes music for television and media around the globe, works with internationally acclaimed musicians and has been known to perform on live TV from time to time. His musical output draws on his truly eclectic taste and interest in all music, often crossing genres and cross-referencing techniques in his work. He studied Music Composition at Brunel University, graduating in 2012 with a first class honours and receiving the Steve Thomas Memorial Prize for Composition.

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As a composer, Josh specialises in music for media. He is frequently called upon by production companies to produce bespoke music and sound design for film drawing upon his ability to mimic almost any style of music. His music has been used by the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV in the UK as well as being used in every continent of the globe.

In addition to composing he produces Podcasts, Radio Drama, audio documentaries and historic audio tours. Existing commissions have included for a European Union agency, BBC Radio, the RIO foundation, SoundArt Radio and WUMM in the USA.

In addition to music production and sound design, Josh continues to explore composition for the concert hall. Since moving to Brussels, he’s worked closely with Harpsichord and Percussion due Two Envelopes leading to several performances of his piece ‘The Beauty of Contradiction’; a 10 minute piece exploring an atonal and mathematical structuring of notes against a groovy, polyrhythmic backdrop.

Josh is a sought-after collaborator as a songwriter and producer, most notably with internationally recognised Iranian singer-songwriter Ali Azimi. Josh co-produced his debut album, Mr. Mean, alongside Tom Sullivan, subsequently touring Europe and North America to sold-out audiences. The lead single was included in the 2017 Oscar winning film The Salesman, which won Best International Film, among other awards across the globe.


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