My 12 years of teaching experience draws upon my world-wide experiences as a performer and composer. My approach is very personable and tailored to your, or your child’s goals; be it as a novice learning your favourite songs, or really tuning advanced skills ready for performances or exams.

I teach a variety of instruments and genres: – classical piano – electric guitar – bass guitar – music theory                   – composition – music production.

I am a classically trained pianist; as a teen I learnt the electric guitar to to play Jimi Hendrix songs, bass guitar to groove with the 70s disco tunes, and sang in choirs to develop my ear and for the sheer joy of it. In addition to playing instruments I learnt how to produce music on the computer which is now my main occupation. My breadth of experience means I can aid almost any upcoming musician to achieve what they want.

I graduated from Brunel University in London with a First Class Honours degree in Music Composition in 2012 and was awarded the university prize for composition for my work and contribution to the arts department. I have grade 8 ABRSM piano with distinction and grade 8 rock school guitar.

Aside from teaching I compose and produce music for TV, documentaries, adverts and radio across all genres which is used worldwide. Two career highlights are producing music which was featured in an Oscar winning film in 2017 and hearing my music, by chance, on a television show.


‘Josh has the ability as a teacher to take his pupils who have previously struggled or had difficulties and makes them feel capable of overcoming difficulties and reach their potential. He achieves this with his gentle, friendly and firm manner.’ Mary – sons play piano and guitar

‘Josh tutored my daughter to pass her ABRSM Grade 5 exam with merit within 6 months of her grade 3 exam. He is a patient, persistent teacher who gets the best out of his students.’ Asha – whose daughters play piano

‘Josh has been an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher for our daughter, whose confidence has improved endlessly. She has recently passed her grade 1 piano exam with distinction and is at the piano every day without fail.’ James – daughter plays piano