Josh Trotter is a composer & multi-instrumentalist from the UK, and now based in Brussels. He specialises in composing for media and has written soundtracks for International advertising campaigns and is a frequent contributor to music libraries in the UK and across the globe.

His most recent commission was to write and produce an album of Lounge music; samples of which can be heard in the video below. The full album can be found by clicking here. It is published by Wrong Planet Music.

Below are further examples of his cues for media projects and library samples:


The Devonport Guildhall audio tour was commissioned by The Media Workshop and the RIO Trust to bring the history of the Guildhall to life using dramatic music-beds, excerpts of acting and an array of sound design. Examples of which can be heard here:

Josh frequently composes scores for short films, most notably was collaborating with Will Self and students of Brunel University, contributing to Will’s digital essay ‘Kafka’s Wound’. The film ‘A Country Doctor’ brings Kafka’s short story to life with animation, shadow puppeteers, film-makers and actors. Click here to see the film

Radio Jingles

Josh is a regular contributor to New Noise Audio who produce radio jingles and sound beds for advertising campaigns in the UK and Europe. Here is a recent example of his work which is currently airing on Heart radio in North Wales.

Songwriting and Pop production

Josh has spent much time collaborating with Iranian musicians based in London as pianist and co-producer, most notably with Ali Azimi. Josh co-produced Ali’s two solo albums, an example of which can be found below – this track saw him transforming the bare bones of a verse/chorus into a 6 minute epic!

Below is the video for the hit single Pishdaramad (Prelude) from Ali’s 1st album. This song was subsequently featured in The Salesman, an Iranian film which went on to win an Oscar Academy Award in 2017 for ‘Best Foreign Film’ in addition to a long list of other awards.

Composition for Concert Hall

Josh’s composition of notated draws upon his classical training as a pianist and exploration of contemporary music of all forms.

Below is the premiere of a piece written for Rich Perks who specialises in fretless guitar.

I’ve written for solo Viola commissioned by Canadian Violist Jamie Arrowsmith. Long-term I’m working on a selection piano compositions for the Intermediate player looking to broaden their repertoire.

He is currently composing a piece commissioned by a duet in Brussels for Harpsichord and Percussion. This will be premiered in late 2018.

Below is a large-scale work written to accompany a Stop-motion film. It explores our perception of time in the context of a 24 hour period. The music is written based upon recorded speech patterns; taking a particularly musical phrase and using this as the basis for a selection of compositions for solos and duets.